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Underwater Propulsion Vehicle 1

Underwater Propulsion Vehicle 1 - UTRtek D.I.R.

The Underwater Propulsion Vehicle Level 1 course is designed to introduce students to the use of different means of underwater propulsion in open water, or with a single UPV and, therefore, with the exclusion of obstructed environments where it is not possible to re-emerge in the event of vehicle failure. Valid aids to reducing fatigue and stress, as well as the risk of carbon dioxide retention, UPVs extend the range of immersion to allow you to enjoy the aquatic environment more.

The UPV 1 course focuses on the management and maintenance of the subsea vehicle, its emergencies together with navigation and the necessary procedures so that the Underwater Propulsion Vehicle is an aid and not an additional source of stress and commitment.

Using the Underwater Propulsion Vehicle requires advanced capabilities such as excellent trim control and complete confidence with your existing equipment.

Underwater Propulsion Vehicle 2

Underwater Propulsion Vehicle 2 - UTRtek D.I.R.

The Underwater Propulsion Vehicle Level 2 course introduces the use of underwater vehicles in obstructed environments where, in the event of a breakdown, the surface cannot be gained without the use of a second UPV. This is therefore an advanced course that focuses on the management of the energy reserve and the efficiency of the underwater vehicle, as well as on the gas supply and its use.

Essential for long cave penetrations, the UPV 2 refines the techniques already learned during the UPV 1 course by integrating them with the appropriate knowledge to make the use of the underwater vehicle a safety rather than a gambling ground.